New Zealand Society of Diversional Therapists Inc.

The NZSDT conducts a combined Annual Conference to encourage networking amongst its national membership and holds the AGM, where the Executive Committee is elected to represent the affairs of the Society.


Services Provided

  • National Conference
  • Education Workshops and Seminars
  • Meetings and Networking
  • National Education Support
  • Four Issues of the NZSDT Newsletter

Support groups for Diversional Therapists are established in all main centres and many smaller areas throughout New Zealand.



The objectives of the NZSDT

  1. To promote the highest standard of Diversional Therapy practice
  2. To promote recognition and development of Diversional Therapy Education
  3. To liase with industry training organisations on behalf of Diversional Therapists
  4. To encourage cooperation between Diversional Therapists and others in related fields
  5. To promote the common interests of Diversional Therapists



Where do Diversional Therapists Work?

New Zealand Society of Diversional Therapists Inc recognises that Diversional Therapists practice in many area of the community:


  • Public and private hospitals
  • Health service providers
  • The community
  • Residential care facilities
  • Hostels or group homes
  • Rehabilitation centres
  • Private consultancy


Diversional Therapists have contacts with a wide range of the community, including those with physical disabilities, both healthy and frail elderly, people with developmental disabilities, people with mental illness, children and youths.


In New Zealand, employment titles include, Diversional Therapists, Recreational Therapists, Motivation Therapists, Activity Co-ordinators, Occupational Therapy Aides, all come under the umbrella of the “New Zealand Society of Diversional Therapists Inc.” (NZSDT).