Health Education


The Ministry of Health produces and provides a wealth of health related info available here.


The authorised providers of health education resources work in public health teams based with the District Health Boards in main and regional centres. If you have any questions about health education resources or about other sources of health information in your local area, please contact the named provider nearest to you geographically from the list here.



General Reference Tools

There are wide range of additional resources that are useful and relevant the DT’s role. We have listed a few and hope to see this area of the website expand in the near future.


Reference Books Relevant and beneficial information can also be obtained from the Internet or the local Library who can assist with additional reference books as listed in the PDF below.

The Toolbox is list of suitable tools as presented at the DT IT workshop at conference Invercargill.

Professional Development is a list of Internet links created for personal study.


PDFReference Books



PDFSummer School
2015 – 2016


PDFSummer School
2017 -2018











Academic Resources 



Diversional Therapy, Loneliness and Social Isolation




Parents in New Zealand, Social Isolation and Diversional Therapy (Baby Buddies) NZSDT



Tauhōkai Waiora, Maori Values and Diversional Therapy NZSDT




The impact of loneliness on well-being in New Zealand.




The NZSDT Newsletter also has a wealth of information and is published four times a year and is available to financial members only. A sample PDF is available to download below:


PDFNewsletter Sample Newsletter Editor NZSDT, PO Box 1192, Whangarei 0140



Members Handbook

The NZSDT Members Handbook also has a wealth of information including:

  • The Society’s Philosophy
  • NZSDT Role
  • Members Policy
  • Members Responsibilities
  • Membership Information
  • The Code of Ethics
  • The Standards of Practice of the New Zealand Society of Diversional Therapists
  • The Constitution and Rules


The Members Handbook is now available on the website.



Activities Planning

To give an indication of the types of things that are involved in planning and organising suitable client based activities. We have produced a PDF file for downloading that contains the basics of Activity Programme Design.


  • Plan and implement a programme
  • Do’s and Don’t
  • Guidelines in selecting activities


PDFActivity Programme Design