Regional Support Groups (RSG)

Regional Support Groups are autonomous with an affiliation with the NZSDT and its objectives.

These local groups form the DT community around the Nation and are a great place for networking and discussion.


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2017 RSG 

Lists Support Groups Nation-wide.


Members should ensure;

  • Support Groups should work together with the National Executive Committee to promote and achieve the Aims and Goals of the National Society for the benefit of all Diversional Therapists.
  • Support Group Contacts, as listed in the National Newsletter, must be current members of the Society.
  • To keep the Organisation strong and unified there is the need to keep the lines of communication open and ensure quality support and education for members.
  • Follow NZSDT Inc. Aims and Goals.
  • Adhere to the Code of Ethics and other nationally agreed Policies.
  • Attend Regional meetings, Training and Educational meetings as often as possible.
  • Support the National Conference and Annual General meeting.
  • Affiliation to the National Organization brings benefits, but also certain responsibilities and obligations.